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USA Today
Nimoy inspired generations of sci-fi fans
Captain Kirk might have gotten the alien babes, but it was Spock who was the star of 'Trek.'
Leonard Nimoy's Spock continues to inspire
Bryan Alexander goes to the Griffith Observatory where Leonard Nemoy is a supporter and a theater bearing his name continues to inspire people to look beyond.
Claudia Puig: 'Lazarus' is a smarter horror film | The Screening Room
USA Today Movie Critic Claudia Puig discusses "The Lazarus Effect" and and says it's a smarter horror film.
Classic Vulcan moments
Watch classic scenes of Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy.
Trailer: 'Frozen Fever'
Frozen Fever is an animated short film directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. It is a sequel to the 2013 Walt Disney Animation Studios film 'Frozen.'
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